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About Us


We believe that anyone suffering from chronic pain can be restored to a highly functional life with purpose and meaning as a result of the tools acquired at Roots Chronic Pain Recovery program (ROOTS-CPR).

Our carefully selected interdisciplinary team of compassionate leaders in modern pain care will guide the patient on a path to reclaim their health and wellness. Through education, movement-based therapies, graded exposure, and cognitive approaches, patients will have the tools and knowledge to take control of their lives and thrive again.


Roots Chronic Pain Recovery was developed by a team of caring professionals, who are sufferers of chronic pain themselves. With decades of combined experience in the field, they saw a lack of integrative, interdisciplinary chronic pain treatment programs, and set out to create one for people suffering in Southern California. This motivation informed the focus of our care model — which is to address every factor contributing to the pain experience, integrating biomedical practices, physical therapy, psychotherapy, and delivered by a team of professionals who specialize in chronic pain. 

What makes our care model unique, is that we understand that every person’s pain experience is unique, we acknowledge that all pain is real, and we set out to change the pain experience for people. We believe that if we can address all of the factors that contribute to pain, we can help people live a life that is both meaningful and fulfilled, without our every thought being on the pain that we feel. This is not pain management, this is pain recovery.   

Leadership Team

Andrei Dokukin, M.D.

Medical Director

Michael Aquino, PT, DPT

Functional Restoration Dir.

Diana Kang, Psy.D.

Clinical Director

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